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Biker Radio Rodcast is India's exclusive international award winning podcast on motorcycling, featuring stories of heroic riders, legendary mechanics and iconic builders, narrated by the members of the fraternity, one story at a time.

Currently hosted and produced by Shirshendu Banerjee (Shandy) of Soundboard Media, the RODcast (Radio On Demand) is a working example in community building through compelling stories and conversations celebrating "the inward journey". Biker Radio Rodcast has been very well received by the motorcycling community in India and beyond and is the ever growing repository of the subcultural knowledgebase that the motorcycling lifestyle offers. #ListenConnectRideOn

Conferred with The Whickers in 2018 in London, Biker Radio Rodcast is a show OF the biker, FOR the biker and hosted by someone who's clearly NOT a biker.

Hear what some of the legends have said about us

Joshua K. John - Delhi Bikers Fest
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Vijay Parmar - Himalayan Motorsports
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Anita Krishnan - President WIMA India
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Vijay Singh - Rajputana Customs
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Bobbee Singh - Old Delhi Motorcycles
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